27 Jul

We did it, we did it. We took millions….

We did it we did it we did it we did it…….

Just an ordinary afternoon for a Friday at Value Rater Towers. I was busy with weekend preparation and with admin and dealing with general stuff you deal with.

What followed was the most extraordinary brilliant afternoon that will go down in tipping folklore was we landed the jackpot 4 out of 4 on

Four From the Top as we had been threatening to do for so long

Gawdawpalin@16/1. Jack Dexter @15/2 Aimez la Vie @11/1  Festival of Ages @2/1  all won all were backed as singles and a multi bet and ALL WON

We estimate we took over a million pounds out of the ring with our clients.

I knew the confidence from our tipsters and I strongly felt we were in for a good day but it was truly sensational stuff .

Value Rater private kicked off proceedings with Gawdawpalin @16/1. which was.a massive start

When Workrider got Jack Dexter in I felt that we were in business.When old big head Gary Finlay launched in Aimez la Vie @11/1 we had the finishing line in sight.

Everyone then gathered round the screen as The Trader brought us to cheers and the Bookies to tears as Festival of Ages brought us home @2/1

David a loyal customer won over £47,000 and others had similar tales to tell.

I set this up to give all punters a chance to have fun and win big and they have we did it in just a few months and at mega prices.

Now listen you need to get involved because we are going to do it again because we have the tipsters to do it .

I must give a massive shout our to Workrider to Gary Finlay and to The Trader it’s a team game and they are the best there is .

Get a syndicate going watch it in the pub split the cost with your mates we want more and more of you to be in on the next jackpot win. EveryWednesdaytoSaturday4 big singles and a multi bet. We always said it’s the most exciting bet in Racing and we were right. So well done all who were involved and get with us all who weren’t because we are more determined than ever to land this again.

Before I give you some mega savings to join this bet I will finish by telling you my Father did the bet to 50 p each way stakes. After the first three copped my Mother who is a risk averse financial adviser rang me to say “bet365 are offering dad £1500 ” I replied Don’t it’s what they want you to do and he didn’t and he win £3500.


I’ve had 100/1 winners at Cheltenham but landing this for you, my customers, beats that!

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