04 May

So is this the most exciting bet in Racing?

Hi all ,

I am Simon Matthews  and I was asked to Review Four From the Top Text service by Matt Mitter aka  Value Rater which I have now completed.

To answer the question and the claim that its the most exciting bet in Racing I have come to the conclusion that yes it probably is and here I will lay out why plus the nuts and bolts of how this text service works.

The first thing I had to do before beginning to play this service that has been the talk of the tipping World is to register my details.

Matt explained that the reason I had to register details and my card was for age verification process and that no money would change hands unless I wanted to continue after my trial.

This was a painless and speedy registration process then it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

The first thing to say is I was impressed by the simplicity of the playing process and the security of being in complete control.  Each Wednesday to Saturday I was sent a text asking if I wanted to play that days game.Its important to stress you only receive the bet if you have answered Value if you don’y you are not sent anything.No surprises and you remain in control.

Answered Value and then the bet is sent promptly with the four bets for that day. I tend to bet online with two major bookmakers and from receiving the text to placing the bets on the same phone I was on the bets within five minutes.

You are sent four bets which Matt says are the four best from his range of tipsters on the Value Rater Platform and you place four singles firstly.I used level stakes on each single regardless of price out of simplicity and because I prefer to bet level stakes as it suits my style of betting . After placing the SINGLES i kept them in the betting slip and placed a small lucky 15 on the same four selections.

Its this ingenious component which makes this service stand out from the many out there on the market.The bet is essentially a high quality level stakes steady profit builder with an added jackpot seeking twist.Once your bets on you can forget about it and get on with your day until racing starts.I personally watch both ATR and RUK on my tablet and set an alarm when each race was taking place.

I must say if you get the first winner or second winner in the bag the stomach does start to tighten somewhat as my bookmkaers show what the lucky 15 pays when you place it.Lets say the idea of going on Thomascook online sharpish springs to mind.

Of course many Bookmakers now offer the concept of offering you a cash out.  I made the decision when i started playing Four From the Top that I was NOT going to use this facility. That is a personal decision and you may disagree but I view it that the singles are the steady profit builder and will give me my profits whereas the Lucky 15 is the cherry on the cake and if I land it I want to land the big pot not start cashing out.We are all different but for me this is the way to play this game , think long term steady profits but dream of the very reasonable concept that you are going to have the life changing mega bet on your hands.


Here’s the key question since it launched  whats the profit made?

Behind the hype and the advertising and the videos and the people talking about it  the facts are this service has seriously delivered!

A level Hundred Pound Stake would have you over Six Thousand Two hundred Pounds iin profit.

A level Tenner has you six hundred and twenty up  so this is a service that is fun, definitely exciting and seriously profitable.

If you want a service that is quick, user friendly and delivers profits with a real chance of a life changing jackpot win then step forward the Four From the Top Text service.

My trial has finished but I will be remaining as a member now and every Wednesday to Saturday I will be playing with the same thought

“This could be the day “

I’ve been  Simon Matthews and Four from the Top  passed my Review. 10/10

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