The most well connected people in the business!

Its a pretty big statement but one which we make with a lot of confidence. Since we were introduced to one of the country’s leading Work Riders based in Newmarket we have simply seen nothing like it in all our time in racing.

Since the success we now have Workriders in every major part of the U.K.

Work Rider Monthly

Our Monthly Membership Plan

Normal Price: £40.00 per month.

Simple monthly recurring payments. 12 per year.

Work Rider Quarterly

Our Quarterly Membership Plan

Normal Price: £79.99 per quarter (Save over £40.00).

Save over £40.00 against the monthly option. 4 recurring payments per year.

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Work Rider is linked to many stables in the U.K. and is involved in the planning and setting up of many big gambles. Gambles from yards who only put the big money down when everything is in their favour. Horse Racing is full of whispers and full of chancers and 99% of what people get told is – let’s be clear – NOT GENUINE INFORMATION.

Work Rider customers on the hand receive ONLY 100% INSIDE INFORMATION you decide which sounds best. We get to know not only who is working well but where they are heading and when the money is going down.

Work Rider is also privy to other info which we pass on to our members. It really is like having the curtain pulled back into the by nature secretive world and the results have been spellbinding with Work Rider quickly becoming one of the most popular services on the market with a cult like following.

So if you like the idea of hearing top quality inside info and being within a privileged group of well informed punters rather than fumbling around guessing like 99% of punters then there is the perfect service out there waiting to welcome you.

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