A Heavy analysis based service.

Race Reader Service is and, always will be, our flagship service here at Value Rater. Run 100% by our CEO and founder, Matt Mitter.

Race Reader Monthly

Our Monthly Membership Plan

Normal Price: £50.00 per month.

Simple monthly recurring payments. 12 per year.

Race Reader Quarterly

Our Quarterly Membership Plan

Normal Price: £99.99 per quarter (Save over £50.00).

Save over £50.00 against the monthly option. 4 recurring payments per year.

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Like the title suggests this service is interested in Value Prices and a long-term approach to making significant profits backing Racehorses.

If you want to back 2 or 3 short priced favourites a day on low grade racing then let’s give you a heads up the Value Rater private service is not for you.

If on the other hand you are willing to take a long-term approach and want the best analysis on the market then this service IS FOR YOU and has built up over the years a huge and loyal membership.

Matt specialises in better quality racing as that’s where he feels his unique handicap ratings are at their most powerful and devastating. It’s the bigger days the better grades the best horses that see ‘Race Reader ‘ come out to play and where he feels there is a significant edge the Bookmakers have missed then his members go in accordingly.

A former on course Bookmaker and shop manager Matt knows every trick they pull and more and he knows how to beat them. Seeing it as a long-term project member are encouraged to use a betting bank and bet professionally using discipline.  Trust Matt’s advice on all things punting and you will become a winning punter & gain a great insight into Race Reading.

Genuine big priced value betting on the better races using unique handicap ratings that are only available to Value Rater customers means you are among the most informed punters in the country.

Bet with a top-class pro let the crowd fill the bookies coffers with betting on low grade rubbish and you wait to strike at the right price at the right time.

Expect Bets with full analysis Tuesday – Saturday & Every Day of Major UK Festivals.

Bet alongside ‘Race Reader’ himself Matt Mitter the UK’S Top pro gambler and tipster extraordinaire.

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