Introducing the NIGHT RIDER. Our evening racing expert.

Summer  is coming and we have an exciting new member of the Value Rater team of top tipsters Night Rider who will be taking us all through the entire Evening racing, a real specialist for a real specialist service.

Evening Racing is bigger and bigger and is largely ignored by many punters but it is a rich source of profit to one pro investor who has come to our attention and we have made a significant offer to get on the platform. We are sure this is money well spent.

Night Rider Monthly

Our Monthly Membership Plan

Normal Price: £33.00 per month.

Simple monthly recurring payments. 12 per year.

Night Rider Quarterly

Our Quarterly Membership Plan

Normal Price: £68.00 per quarter (Save £31.00).

Save £31.00 against the monthly option. 4 recurring payments per year.

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The Night Rider only bets on evening racing as throughout the day he works in the City and likes to “go fishing” on an evening by going racing and over 20 years he has built up an extensive list of contacts including Trainers and Jockeys. Night Rider has had shares in several horses over the years and that list of contacts has been built up and built up.

We have been to London to meet Night Rider and thrash out a deal and we are very excited to announce we have signed the Night Rider up to be our dedicated Night racing expert. This is a gambler in the old fashioned sense of the word but he uses modern techniques and treats his betting with the same mathematical rigour he makes his deals with in the daytime.

Over 20 years he has been active on course and on the exchanges and spread betting firms with tremendous success. The strategy to concentrate on evening racing was a practical one he informed us. When he does something he gives it his complete attention so the daytimes belong to the city but the night times belong to racing.

The Flat has long been his passion and now finally the snow is clearing its time for Night Rider to go to work. Lets be very clear members of this dedicated evening racing service will be betting some huge gambles every week set up by a network of contacts.

The great thing about evening racing is more people can watch it after a day’s work rather than having to check results on the run or sneak outside to watch on the phone with the sound turned down.

First time out 2 year olds that have been set up to land a touch and carefully selected older handicappers will all be in the sights of Night Rider. It will cover everything and will be the most talked about evening racing service going and we cannot wait to get this going in the last week in April.

We have a very special launch offer to celebrate our new team member Night Rider and that is a month for just £33.00 or why not take yourself through the majority of the season and have Night Rider for 3 months for an incredible £68.00.

The deal is signed we are ready to go and we have the big fish we have wanted to catch to take you through the Summer night racing fixtures. At Value Rater we take only the best industry leading tipsters to strengthen our incredible team. Night Rider is an exciting addition and we cannot wait to start in the last week in April.

Summer nights are about to get much more exciting with NIGHT RIDER

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