19 Feb

Listen, I have seen plenty of Bookies go skint!

The first rule of thumb that you are talking to a bad gambler is they all say the same phrase to you, that is “You never see a poor Bookmaker” It is usually shouted to you by punters who are shall we say not doing very well. Now Bookmakers overall have a good game don’t they with their margins but in this competitive age it is becoming a lot harder for them. They are having to offer up prices for all kinds of races that would not have to in days gone by. Of course the problem becomes getting bets on and they do not like you to because if they have made a mistake they could face huge liabilities.

As many of you will know a large part of the journey to where I am now was working as a Betting shop manager in the Midlands and then working for an on course Bookmaker. I quickly learnt that the saying you will never see a skint Bookmaker is untrue because I saw plenty of them. I have seen them turning up at racetracks and going home half way through never to be seen again. Laying horses may seem to some to be easy but let me assure you whether you are laying horses or backing horses nothing in racing is easy. Liabilities for layers can be huge and that is want to focus on in this article.

A Bookmakers job is to create a balanced book so the liabilities are never too bad. If you imagine when the betting exchanges came about all of a sudden something different was created .If you are laying just one horse then people have a misconception that it is going to be easy. Don’t get me wrong if you are laying horses at the higher end of the market on BetFair they are likely to be bigger prices than they should be so straight a way you should not be laying them.

I do personally lay horses though and when I finished on the tracks I had to learn the hard way. I had a bit of money but I took the way we did business on the racetrack and started looking for horses to take on. What I did not consider though was when I was having a few against a sole horse in the race I was actually backing at long odds on in reality. Now we know that backing at long odds on in betting is the way to the poor house. That is what happens with laying you get into a false sense of security. You go on a good run of lays that all get beat and you think you are doing really well then all of a sudden you go on a run and it will always happen when things start to go wrong. That is what happened to me and it knocked my betting bank out completely which as you can imagine put me on the back foot. I learned from that experience and the main thing I learned was to be very selective.


I know use all the methods that you would use to find lays but then I am extremely selective in what I actually lay. Just recently some of you will have seen that I have been offering a lay of the day now personally I might lay a horse every couple of weeks. I tend to do more in the flat season as its more tactical and gives me more of an edge. On the Lay of the Day service so far we have had a good run and had some really short priced horses beat. I am just wondering if people are interested in laying horses or are interested in what goes on in selecting a good lay. I am offering a Free Trial to this service which will definitely contain some handy hints and various other things and obviously the lay of the day. Now let me be clear don’t expect bets all the time because I do not lay horses very often. I will not lay horses if they are too big I only lay horses if I feel they are far too short. I never lay horses over 2/1 and the key thing to remember is if you are laying a horse at 2/1 then you are actually betting at 1/2. Never forget that because your liability is 2/1 if it wins because you have to pay out double. If you keep doing that odds on then the same way as you are backing at odds on you are going to come unstuck. You need to realise if you start laying at bigger than 2/1 then yes you will get a good run going but you will be flat on your arse in no time trust me.

If you are active on the exchanges and you want a decent lay with some reasoning behind it then sign up for a Free no obligation trial because I want to see what interest there is out there in laying horses. It is something I do personally but it is not something I have offered on the platform before. So by all means if you are interested I will send you some lays of the day with some reasoning. All you have to do is click the button below and then check we are not in your junk folder and put us on your safe sender list so you receive them. If nothing else there will be some interesting blogs and some trade secrets of laying horses. You will start to see how Bookmakers think and how they put together a market so just click the free trial link below and I will begin to tell you much more about the World of laying horses.

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