30 Oct

Gambling is a game of psychology

It is Monday and that means once again we hear from our CEO AND Founder Matt Mitter the Race Reader himself.

Good Afternoon,

Firstly wasn’t it great to see Cheltenham back .It really brought a feeling of a switch of codes to me and that the Jumps is really underway. Over the next couple of days I will be going through the card in detail but there are a couple of initial thoughts to share with you today.

In the Novice Chase on the Friday the winner NORTHHILL HARVEY trained by Dan Skelton was an excellent performance. I thought the horse was better than his handicap mark and I think this form will stand up. The jockeys reported it as very sticky ground at Cheltenham and not the good ground that we had thought. I will factor that into my form reading, as some horses do not go on that ground. I will make sense of it all over the next few days and use it for my Race Reader service, which I have to say, is flying at the moment.

Man of you will have had the Free winners from the Thursday and Friday now previews but I can tell you there will be a big promotion coming on Race Reader so please look out for that.

Today however I want to talk about a new concept, which I piloted at the end of the last season. Gambling is a game of psychology as much as anything and often decisions are taken on Adrenalin, which is not always a good idea. In my days on track I realised I could make a cold decision in the mornings but when I got to the Track that could change with the Adrenalin pumping. On a good day when you think you are in form that can lead to reckless decisions. Even worse when you are doing your Bollox in that Adrenalin can lead to terrible decisions.

We have all seen it on the last race of the day many times. If punters are doing well they like to play it up on the last. They consider until they leave the track that its not their money and they see where the can get to. I know a lot of successful gamblers who adopt that philosophy. Of course the ones who are doing their Bollox in all of a sudden are getting involved in the last in a terrible state of mind and make bad decisions. I’ve been there in the past and thought in the morning why did I do that in the Get Out stakes and lose that if I had not I would be better off. Obviously I would have added the F word lots.

The main reason I have this Tipping Platform is to bring you smarter choices so every Tuesday to Saturday at 3pm Value rater will bring you THE GET OUT

This will be your opportunity to not do any of the Adrenalin fueled mistakes anymore but take a Cold and calm decisions to place your faith in an expert’s decision. Every Tipster on the platform is now banned from tipping in the final race of the day. The only place you will see this race tipped in is THE GET OUT.

I will attempt to get you out of Jail and I will only charge you a Fiver! Its free to be notified so just click the yellow button below and you will be notified when THE GET OUT is released. Remember check those junk folders sometimes things can go in there by accident. So if you register for FREE you will get that all important notification when THE GET OUT for that day is out there and ready to be backed. We are looking to give you the best possible chance to get out of jail. If you are having a nightmare then what’s a Fiver if it gives you the access to an expert who can get you out of trouble! It will be a mixture of inside info and top form analysis.

You may of course be on a roll and fancy playing up your days winnings or you may be travelling back from work and feel like a high quality bet. Whatever you want from this it will be all about quality and it’s a Fiver so get involved we are really excited about


In time I will offer Monthly and weekly packages but for now it’s a straight Fiver every time you want to play, This is a serious bet even if you like the funny banner and we will proof this service

The first GET OUT is tomorrow so register and you will be notified


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