24 Jul

Haydock Should Have Not Raced On A Saturday

Hi all,

Its another weekly Blog from Britain’s top tipster and pro gambler Matt Mitter AKA Value Rater.

Well Rain’s sweep the country and soft ground is everywhere showing turf racing in the UK is as unpredictable as ever. We never take anything for granted here at Value Rater Towers so we are ready for any eventuality. That’s what keeps us ahead of the competition.

One service that does not waste time weather watching is Sandstorm our All Weather service which has the Bookmakers running for cover. Again we work harder than the opposition we analyse more data than anyone we know more about the tracks and the trainers and through Sandstorm we get that info to you.

As ive said before most punters wrongly overlook the All Weather but it is an important part of my strategy for relieving the Bookmakers of large amounts of cash. Again as ive said before give the sand a chance if you have always thought it is substandard or boring. More and more the top Trainers are running on the sand and with the advent of the Champions day at Lingifeld we are seeing genuinely quality racing with good horses. Thats good for the All Weather and its good for Sandstorm.

Today you can amazing offer for a FREE TRIAL of Sandstorm so be ready this one storm you really want to be in the middle of.

July can be a strange month , it could be that we are mid season and horses run exactly to form giving us less angles to find or it could be the hugely changing weather which brings grounds changes with it.On Value rater private i have a bad case of seconditus. The local GPhas prescribed a large dose of winners which are on the way. Many have been big priced each ways so clients have been collecting but its hugely frustrating but rest assured winners are on the way and my analysis has been sound and we are in profit.

We previewed the Super Sprint which was a huge anti climax on the very soft ground. Although credit to Richard Fahey who had the first and third.T he winner Bengali Boys won by a mile and is clearly a very well handicapped horse.

It was fascinating to hear Fahey interviewed after where he revealed his thought process about buying cheap 2 year olds to win these big pots like the super sprint.

He said he knew this would win when he bought it , i wonder if he told that to the owners of the well backed favourite which he also trained ! Still fascinating to hear him People were saying there was a draw bias but you dont win like that on a draw bias , he romped home. My only concern was the ground as some of those 2 year olds simply hated it.

It was a super Saturday which wasn’t that super for me you have to question the form when What about Carlo wins a listed race simply because he was the only one who went on it. A bit of a damp squib I’m afraid.

Lastly the death of the stallhandler at Haydock was a real shock to us all here. Our condolences to all involved my personal view is that they should not have raced on Saturday and should have taken a step back out of respect.But life goes on and racing goes on I accept that but sometimes its best to do the right thing.

I will be back next week with another blog and an update on all thats happening at Value Rater where we are always ahead of the game

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